Chappell Agents Take on Industry Leadership for 2023

Chappell’s agents are taking charge of the real estate industry. From leadership development to advocacy, our agents go above and beyond to impact the community. 

Appelmann works with a client, walking a property

Elyse Appelmann

Agent Elyse Appelmann has been accepted into and begun the Triangle REALTORS® Leadership Academy, a year-long program where REALTORS® learn essential skills for taking a leadership role in their industry and community.  

“I wanted to develop my skills to collaborate with peers and coworkers. The success of a team starts with an individual, and I want to expand my knowledge,” says Appelmann.

Within the program, she’ll hear from prominent subject matter experts in the Triangle to learn the landscape of the industry better. She’ll also learn what’s needed and how to make changes. “I’m most excited about working with lobbyists and Congress to make impactful changes in our industry.”

Appelmann, a Triangle native, first joined the Chappell Team in 2021.

Hovis Gobern speaks at a Chappell Team meeting

Ivan Hovis Gobern

Agent Ivan Hovis Gobern has been elected to the Compass Advisory Council, a group that serves as a connector and liaison between fellow Compass offices and teams across the Triangle.

Ivan says he’s looking forward to sharing his voice with others in his field and aims to leave things better than he found them. “When I look around at real estate firms, I see all people who look alike. I wanted to make Compass stronger by including everyone’s voice.” 

Hovis Gobern also serves on the Board of Directors for Raleigh City Farm, a local nonprofit that aims to connect and nourish our community through regenerative agriculture.

Polinchak works with a buyer client in walking their new home

Matt Polinchak

Agent Matt Polinchak is helping lead the launch of Compass Raleigh’s Young Professionals Network. He is serving as Co-Chair for Events, a small team that will host networking, volunteer, and educational opportunities for Compass employees aged 42 and younger.

“I enjoy building relationships, and sometimes we get so busy—with events through this network, we can do just that,” Polinchak says. “I’m looking forward to connecting with other agents, bouncing ideas off of each other, and building relationships both personal and professional.”

The Compass Young Professionals Network has a regional presence in most markets across the United States. The group helps foster an environment for Compass agents to collaborate and network on a local, state, and national level by coming together to share ideas, insights, education, challenges, and successes with one another. 

Chappell agents Billy Hoffman, Laura Guld, Charles Umstead, and Appelmann are also members of the organization.

Sparling tours the Chappell Team around one of its latest development projects

Maggie Sparling

Chappell agent and Director of Land Acquisition, Maggie Sparling, is well versed in anything land or lot-related – making her a perfect fit for the Triangle Community Coalition’s Board of Directors, a new role she has recently undertaken.

The organization advocates for zoning reform that allows housing affordability and housing choices, improving the Development Services Process, educating elected officials, candidates, and municipal staff, and more.

Sparling says she is one of the few women involved in this conversation, and she looks forward to having an impact not only on women in the industry but smaller real estate developers in the area.

“I want to have more influence in the conversation before problems present themselves,” she says. “Some of the rules just don’t make sense, and I want to be a part of the solution and get ahead of problems that make these deals so complicated.”


Bottom line — Chappell agents are making a difference and paving the way for emerging leaders in real estate. “All of my career has been about helping others in some form or another,” says Gobern. “At Chappell, it’s the most authentic version of that— and the coolest version.”

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