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Relax Rate


#ChooseChappell Relax Rate

Even though mortgage rates have more than doubled in recent months, Chappell Relax Rate will substantially reduce your monthly payment, along with any home-buying stress.

Our mortgage rate buydown program gives buyers a lower rate and lower monthly payment at the start of their loan. Chappell agents negotiate with the seller or builder to provide the savings, so there's often no cost to the buyer.

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This Is How It Works

Interest rates are much higher than they were just a few months ago. We'll cut your rate and your monthly payment through these simple steps:

  • Connect with a Chappell agent today.
  • Discuss your monthly payment needs.
  • Your Chappell agent finds you the perfect home.
  • We negotiate the Relax Rate into your purchase contract, at no cost to you.
  • Enjoy your new home at a lower monthly payment with the option to refinance to an even lower rate in the future.
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By The Numbers

* Example: This is based on an estimated $500,000 home, a 10% down payment, and a 30-year fixed rate of 6.5%. This example reflects Principal & Interest payment only.

  • A Chappell agent works hard for you, helping land your dream home valued at $500,000.
  • Your 30-year loan comes with a rate of 6.5%, and your monthly mortgage payment (P/I) is estimated at $2,844.
  • Your rate of 6.5% immediately drops to 4.5% with Relax Rate.
  • Your new monthly payment is $2,280 for the first year. This results in a saving of $564/month or $6,768 for the year.
  • You save $564 per month or $6,768 for the year with Relax Rate!

Our Goal

"Higher mortgage rates have stressed buyers and slowed home sales. Our Relax Rate program can save you hundreds of dollars on a monthly mortgage payment, often at no cost to you. Your Chappell agent will negotiate the lower rate for you, allowing you to relax and experience real estate differently."

Kevin Woody

Chappell COO

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Team Orebaugh of Cross Country Mortgage is now the exclusive, preferred lender of our team here at Chappell. Fueled by our CCM lending partner, unlock your today without having to worry about the rising rates of tomorrow.

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  • Payments referenced in our example do not reflect the property tax and insurance portion of the monthly payment. The cost of taxes and insurance varies by property and should be discussed with your Chappell agent and CCM loan officer.
  • Many builders and sellers in our market are open to covering the cost of Relax Rate, but it is a case-by-case decision. We can not guarantee that any seller will make this contribution.
  • Our success in negotiating a Relax Rate is greatly enhanced by working with CCM early in the process. There are variations to this program that may benefit your specific needs. Let’s connect to discuss which is best for your situation and selected property.