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Chappell x Compass for Sellers


Unlock Exclusive Seller Resources

Unexpected costs, last-minute renovations and half-finished projects all pick away at your bottom line. By working with a Chappell x Compass agent, you have exclusive access to cutting-edge sellers programs backed by an esteemed national brokerage.

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Empower Pre-Market Exposure

By listing your home as a Chappell x Compass Private Exclusive, you share the info you want to share when you want to share it. Our expert team and expansive network go to work immediately, saving you the hassle of a stale listing and long DOM.

This listing exists as a pre-market exclusive, meaning, our experts can explore pricing and positioning prior to going live, ensuring your home is in the best position possible for buyers.

  • Gathers Key Market Insights on Competition & Potential Value Changes
  • Amplifies Listing to Nationwide Network of Compass Agents
  • Prioritizes Your Privacy & Peace of Mind
  • Adaptable to Any Financial Circumstances - With Discretion At the Forefront
Private Exclusives Chappell x Compass


Have a weekend project that turned into months? Stuck on to-stage or not-to-stage? Stop sweating the small stuff - let's close your sale.

The Chappell x Compass Concierge program puts money directly in your pocket with no upfront costs or hidden fees, so you can invest directly in improving your home to sell for a higher return.

It's simple. It's successful. It's ready when you are. Let's chat!

  • Applies to (Nearly) Everything from Final Staging to Sellers Inspections
  • Fronts the Cost of Last Minute Home Improvements - With No Interest Ever
  • Improves Your Home's ROI & Days On Market via the Increased Appraisal Value
  • Every Transaction is Guided by Chappell x Compass Agent

Bridge the Gap

Introducing Bridge Loan Services - connecting the home you have to the home you want.

Powered by Compass, Bridge Loan Services provide access to competitive rates and dedicated support from well-established industry lenders. Not to mention, you have the exclusive option to get up to six months of your bridge loan payments fronted when you sell your home with a Chappell x Compass agent.


Meet the Marketing Difference

Your listing is competing with every other home for sale in the Triangle - what are you doing to make it stand above the rest?

A Chappell x Compass sign in your yard is a great place to start. A great place to end? A big number on your bottom line. Let our experts break down how they convert likes into leads, and clicks into contracts.

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