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Pre-Listing FAQs


Check Those Boxes

Getting the right deal starts with asking the right questions. From deal negotiation to home preparation, this checklist is a great guide to reference along the way!


Find The Agent You've Always Dreamed Of

Do they communicate clear as a bell?
Do they share and play well with others?
Do they know their stuff AND the numbers?
Do they go for the gold?
Do they handle the other guys like a champ?
Do they negotiate like their life depends upon it?


Make Your Home Shine Like a Diamond

Have you repaired what’s clearly broken?
Have you thrown away what isn’t worth repairing?
Have you made your home a neutral “anyone could live here” zone?
Have you cleaned, changed out and spiffed up what you can?
Have you thought about your curb appeal and backyard oasis?


Get It (And Your Official Paperwork) Together

Do you have your deed handy?
Do you have a previous survey?
If you have an HOA, do you have the Restrictive Covenants?
Any outstanding assessments?
Do you have your mortgage payoff information?
Do you have repair and service receipts/documentation?
What about info on warranties, paint colors, appliance guides, etc.?


Get In Touch

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