Richard Parker, Chappell Broker, Officially Retires

Following a long career of noteworthy client-care and unsurpassed real-estate service, Chappell Broker, Richard Parker retired, announcing his official step back to be effective January 1, 2022. 

Richard Parker, Recent Retiree of Chappell

Parker leaves behind a legacy of hard work, diligent service, and tireless dedication to his clients and community. His expansive career has spanned many roles and fields, however; his commitment to exceptional client service is present throughout.  Parker graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill, and after, launched his career in Finance as an Institutional Bond Broker & Equities Trade Manager for industry leaders like Merrill Lynch, Bank of Boston, Fidelity Investments, and Wachovia Private Banking in Raleigh. Nevertheless, Parker always claimed that he found his true calling in real estate, a sentiment his co-workers at Chappell would surely echo.

“He [Richard Parker] truly cares about people, whether in personal or professional relationships, and that caring nature has also served as one of his greatest skills in real estate.”

– Johnny Chappell, Owner/Broker


“When I welcomed Richard Parker to the team back in 2018, I described him as ‘Authentic, caring and capable. He shares our values, and will make a positive impact on our business.” states  Johnny Chappell, Owner/Broker of Chappell. He continues “I now realize that I really sold Richard short! He’s one of the most genuine people I’ve ever met. He truly cares about people, whether in personal or professional relationships, and that caring nature has also served as one of his greatest skills in real estate.”

Nottingham | ITB Raleigh
Nottingham Raleigh, ITB Development Parker Made Possible


Parker first became a licensed Triangle realtor in 1971. He began his real estate career at Fonville Morrisey and joined the Chappell team in September of 2018. At the time, he was the ninth addition to the firm. During his time at Chappell, Parker has made vital contributions to leading developments across the Triangle, most notably Chappell’s Nottingham Development neighboring Windemere Dam Park in Downtown Raleigh, and the Courtland Collection in Historic Oakwood. He primarily focused on special projects & niche infill development in the Raleigh, NC area. A long-time friend of Parker and Chappell broker, Teresa Cope had this to say of his crucial Nottingham contribution: 

1349 Courtland, Contemporary Home in the Courtland Collection.

“Best swan song ever – Richard was able to convince a professed “never going to sell” homeowner to sell, and thus complete the acreage we needed to build, one of a kind, beautiful Nottingham! Forever grateful to this man who is my friend and cherished colleague.”

What struck many about this expert broker was not his ability to seal a deal, but his genuine passion for and unending conviction towards providing unsurpassed customer service. To quote Parker, he was instilled with the responsibility of “making the world a better place and treating others as I would want to be treated”.

Richard Parker speaking with Nasir Dukes, Owner of Dukes Properties

Cope described Parker’s signature demeanor best, stating: “A sharp-dressed man genuine with a firm handshake and a twinkle in his eye. Open, honest, humble – Richard pulls you in with his easy manner and genuine interest in whatever you have to say. With his laser-sharp intellect, Richard is a lifelong learner with a wealth of information; making him an asset who brings so much to the table in any circumstance.”

The Chappell team wishes Parker nothing but the best for him and his wife, Elizabeth, as he moves forward into enjoying a much-deserved retirement. His unique charm, wit, and golden heart will be missed by all who’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with him. To explore some of the Triangle developments that he assisted on, visit and Now that Richard Parker has retired, clients can share their well-wishes by reaching out to us @Chappellres across Facebook, Instagram, and Google.


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